In The Middle of the Storm- My Personal Takeaways

In everything, there is always some good and some bad. The truth is that the degree of good versus bad lies in our perspective. If we see things as negatively impacting our lives this is what is going to happen. But if we decide to look for what positives outcomes we can generate from the experience, what lessons we can learn and what good can the experience teach us so will it be. Turning negatives into positive depends on the type of mindset we choose to employ. The more positive mindset we use the more we can grow as human beings. The lessons we learn from each experience can help us teach others and make a positive impact on the world.

For example, here are some positive things we can take away from this pandemic and incorporate into our lives moving forward: Online grocery shopping being one of them. Here is how it goes- You order your groceries online and set a date for a pickup. On that date, you will get a call from the store with a window for pick up. You get there at the exact time, park in one of the pickup spots and call the number on the sign. You don’t even need to leave the car. They come and load it up and voila you are ready to go. Good things happen and now you have more time to do other important things.

This is just one example of what we can take away and for me, it would not have happened if not for the pandemic. The situation forced us to be creative and find ways to do grocery shopping while minimizing social interactions. So while coming up with this we just found ways to be more effective and efficient moving forward. Lessons learned.

My motto: Do things today as if the storm has already passed. Lead by what you believe inside. Be optimistic. Stay the course and be active. Have faith in whatever you believe in that a positive today will bring a positive tomorrow.


Last Week’s Market Review

This Week Marks The Fourth Week in which We Note The Effect of The Pandemic on Our Real Estate Market. Number of Transactions Have Been Flat Week over Week at Only 55 Which is Very Low for This Season. Sold Price to Listed Price Percentage Has Come Down As Well to 98%. Please Note That Four Weeks Ago the Sold Price to Listed Price Was at 105%. As a comparison, Same Week Last Year Had 291 Transactions. There is More Than 80% Drop-in Activity. We Hardly See New People Entering the Market and As I Noted Last Week The Number of New Potential Sellers/Buyers Have Been Reduced Significantly and Consequently Market Activity.

Please Note That Almost 70% of The Activity Has Been around the More Affordable Properties under the 1 Million Dollar Mark. This is usually the Case in a Downturn. Activity Remains in The More Affordable Product and We Tend to See the More Expensive Properties Start to Drop Down in Prices as a result. We Will Need to Continue Monitoring This Trend for The Next Several Weeks.

As a Res

ult We Are Now into a Buyer Market in The Properties Above 1 Million. I Predict This Trend to Continue in The Next Several Months.

Take Care Everyone and Stay Healthy.

I will Keep You Informed…