Abraham Lincoln Greatness- Continued

Like I mentioned to you last week I am still reading “Team of Rivals” by Doris Goodwin. The book tells the story of Abraham Lincoln and his rivals to the Republican Party nomination. Their stories are intertwined beautifully by the narrator as she goes back and forth between each character. After Lincoln won the election and became the President-Elect, all the States in the South found their excuse to start separating from the Union. As he was trying to form his government and make sure that both the north and the south had their fair representation, south senators were leaving and going back to their home states abandoning the union. The country was in great turmoil and was basically tearing itself apart. What some of the newspapers in the south did was to misrepresent what Lincoln had said to strengthen their position. What I find most telling about Lincoln’s character is his approach to this act. He said ” I am not at liberty to shift my ground-that is out of the question…” as he stood firm in his belief of guarding the union and the constitution. This is a true representation of a man who doesn’t sway his beliefs and holds firm ground when everything else falls apart. This is why he was so great and respected.


Market Review

Please Note That This Analysis Pertains to June 14-June 20.
Activity continued its strong trend from last week and moving in the right direction with 223 Transactions and 100% sold price to the listed price. Activity is Definitely Picking up Some Steam. Same Week Last Year Had 269 Transactions so the gap between a normal market to our market is shrinking. Sold Price to Listed for properties under 1.5 million was 101% and they represented 85% of all transactions. In that sense, we can clearly see already price increases.
The more Expensive Properties over 1.5 million We Saw a Sold Price to Listed Price at 98% Which is Also an Increase From Previous Weeks. This is Important to Note as We See More and More People Coming Out and Businesses Open as we move to stage two in Ontario. I think we can definitely sense an increase in Confidence in The Market as the number of transactions increased from previous weeks. It seems like confidence in our real estate market is back here in full steam.
Take Care Everyone and Stay Healthy and Engaged..

I will Keep You Informed…