When you sell, you likely have two very specific goals in mind: sell for top dollar, and sell quickly. Every homeowner wants to get the most money they possibly can when they list their homes, and they also don’t want wait around forever to find the right buyer.

That’s exactly where home staging comes into the picture. This art form was developed specifically to address these two particular goals. In fact, statistics show that homes that are professionally staged do indeed sell for more money (often over the asking price!) and in a shorter amount of time.

Of course, staging does come with a price tag, but upfront cost is more than made up for with a higher selling price. Rather than looking at staging as an expense, you should be looking at it as an investment, because that’s exactly what it is.

Here are a handful of reasons why staging your home before you sell it is critical.

You’ll Help Buyers Develop an Emotional Connection to the Home

A home that’s not furnished properly or decorated with taste will do little to appeal to buyers and develop that critical connection they need with the home. It’s essentially this connection that buyers need to have that will entice them to put in a decent offer.

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment anyone will likely ever make in their entire lifetime, so they need to be certain that the purchasing decision they make is the right one. A staged home will help buyers see themselves living there, and will therefore encourage a connection that will lead to an offer on the table.

Buyers Will Find It Easier to Gain a Clear Vision of the Space

Most buyers are not able to visualize how rooms in a home can be used for their purposes if it’s not properly staged. They essentially need a home to be presented in its optimal form for them to be able to see how the space can be furnished and decorated, and how it can suit their lifestyle. Whether your home is furnished without any functional flow or has vacant rooms, buyers will easily lose interest.

The home needs to be properly furnished and decorated to show buyers precisely what the purpose of each room is, which will help them remember the home and determine whether it featured all the specific rooms they require (for instance, a third bedroom, an office, a dining room, etc…).

Staging Your Home Hides Flaws

Homes that are vacant or not furnished properly will have their imperfections amplified. Whether you have got missing electrical outlet covers, chips on the tiles, or scuff marks on the walls, these flaws can effectively be toned down with proper staging. By doing so, buyers’ eyes will be too busy focusing on the decor and furnishings to catch any imperfections that might exist.

The Home Will Show Much Better in Photos

A professionally staged home will show much better in photos, which is critical for your home’s marketing. Online photos are the first thing that buyers will see before they physically step foot in your home. Making sure they look perfect is critical to making a good first impression and entice buyers to book a showing.

Vacant or badly-furnished homes don’t show very well in photos compared to homes that are properly staged. With all the other listings available that you’re competing with, you’ve got to make your home stand out from the rest, and home staging can do just that.

At the end of the day, home staging can draw more attention from buyers, and bring in acceptable offers sooner rather than later. Not only do you stand a better chance of selling quickly, you have a better chance of scoring the highest number too.