Start Your Own Garden 

As we sit in our homes isolated there is a very important aspect of our life that needs to be looked at. What I am referring to is our growth. Every human being needs to grow mentally and spiritually once his years of physical growth are over. There is no difference between trees that never stop growing to us. Both need to do that to be better at serving others. The tree gives us shade and fruit while we become better at helping and advising others as a result of our internal growth.COVID 19 situation has put tremendous stress on this aspect of our life as the worry of what is happening around us plays a counterforce to our growth potential and drive. To mitigate the worry aspect we need to find different and creative ways to create something that will continue growing while we stay at home. What I suggest is to turn our backyards into a self-sufficient garden. Last week we planted strawberries, raspberries, Blueberries, Spanish Onions and Asparagus. I even built a raised bed for our strawberries beside our fence. A project like this can help you connect to the earth, brings you a true sense of achievement as you see the fruits of your labour grow, show your children an example of how to do it and be active despite everything that is happening around us. The benefits are huge and worth our consideration. Good luck with it and let me know if you need help.


Market Review

Please Note That This Analysis Pertains to May 10-May 16.
This Week Marks The Eights Week in which We Note The Effect of The Pandemic on Our Real Estate Market. The activity was Still Very Low For This Season with Only 81 Transactions. Same Week Last Year Had 279 Transactions. Sold Price to Listed Price Percentage went down to 97%. Please Note That Eight Weeks Ago The Sold Price to Listed Price Was at 105%. Please Note That 65% of The Activity Has Been Around The More Affordable Properties Under The 1 Million Dollars Mark. Sold Price to Listed Price There was at 98%. The more Expensive Properties Saw a Sold Price to Listed Price at 95% Which is a Slight Reduction From The Previous Week. This is Usually The Case in a Downturn Where Prices Softens First in The More Expensive Properties. We Will Need to Continue Monitoring This Trend for The Next Several Weeks. Judging From This Weeks’ Numbers It Seems Like The Trend of Softening Prices in Properties Above 1 Million Dollar Has Continued and Accelerated a Bit. Very Low Levels of Inventory Coupled with Low-Interest Rates Helped to Keep The Sold Price From Dropping Even Further. Take Care Everyone and Stay Healthy.

I will Keep You Informed…