Abraham Lincoln Greatness

I am reading “Team of Rivals” by Doris Goodwin. It is a fascinating account of the rise to power of Abraham Lincoln. From his humble beginnings in Kentucky to his Republican Party nomination against all odds and his clever handling of the biggest dispute in American history that led to the civil war. What strikes me the most reading the book is the simplicity in which he handled all his affairs and dealings with people and the fact that he never ever made any enemies. Even at times when people intentionally hurt him and pushed him to the sidelines by avoiding him he never held any grudges. Moreover, he always found a way to reach out afterward and show good faith by saying something positive. As one of my great teachers always told me “You have to find a way to work with everyone even if they do something that opposes you”. Never burn bridges to people.


Market Review

Please Note That This Analysis Pertains to June 07-June 13.
Activity Started to pick up and moving in the right direction with 218 Transactions But with a Noted 22% Increase Week Over Week. Activity is Definitely Picking up Some Steam. Same Week Last Year Had 313 Transactions so the gap between a normal market to our market is shrinking. Sold Price to Listed Price Percentage Stayed at 99%. Clearly We Have a More Balanced Market Now.
Please Note That 70% of The Activity Has Been Around The More Affordable Properties Under The 1 Million Dollars Mark. Sold Price to Listed Price There was at 100% which is again an Increase From Previous Weeks. The more Expensive Properties We Saw a Sold Price to Listed Price at 99% Which is Also an Increase From Previous Weeks. This is Important to Note as We See More and More People Coming Out and Businesses Open. I think we can sense an increase in Confidence in The Market as the number of transactions increased from previous weeks. It seems like confidence in our real estate market is back here in full steam.
Take Care Everyone and Stay Healthy and Engaged.

I will Keep You Informed…